10 years of Data Linkage

10 years of Data Linkage

We celebrated over 10 years of work in Population Health Data Linkage and Burn Injury Research that has driven a change in our understanding of the lifelong impact of burn injury. We acknowledged the terrific efforts of Associate Professor Janine Duke and all the researchers involved who have driven this body of work, with an excess of 30 publications using this linked data.

The work has been fundamental in enabling the Fiona Wood Foundation to explore areas of clinical relevance, and has directed future research based on information generated by population health data. This in turn will impact future innovation in clinical care. The occasion was also our opportunity to thank our donors and collaborators, including Woodside Energy, WA Department of Health, the hospitals of the State Burns Service and the Universities, whose support made this possible.

From this we are now investigating the links of burn injury to cancer, inflammatory diseases, mental health and other downstream pathologies that impact the quality of life of burn patients. The celebration was an opportunity to ensure data linkage remains a priority with the knowledge that we can innovate in health and lead the way right here from West Australia. Thank you to our everyone who has supported us on this population health journey.

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