2024 FPAA Conference & Awards Gala Dinner

We were honoured to join the Fire Protection Association Australia and the fire safety community for an unforgettable awards night on the Gold Coast at the 2024 FPAA Conference & Awards Gala Dinner! Our very own Nigel, a burn survivor, took the stage as the featured speaker, sharing his personal and powerful story of his experiences with burn injuries.

Nigel moved the audience by sharing his burn journey, highlighting the critical importance of fire safety advancements. Together, Di and Nigel also celebrated the industry’s achievements, recognising the dedicated professionals who are passionate about continually enhancing their skills and fire safety technology to safeguard lives, properties, and our environment from the devastating impacts of fire.


A heartfelt thank you to FPA Australia for creating an evening that not only brings together an incredible group of industry leaders and organisations but also supports essential research. The generosity of those who contributed during the event will continue to support the 'FPA Australia Scholarship', helping to continue to support research, particularly the REIMS project.

We are proud to partner with FPA Australia and are so grateful for their ongoing support of Fiona and the Foundation. Here’s to making a difference together!

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