ASMR Medalist 2022

We are pleased to announce that Fiona is The Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR) medalist for 2022.

Each year the Society awards the ASMR Medal to an eminent stakeholder in the international medical research community for achievements in raising awareness. This award is a major highlight of the Australian health and medical research calendar, bringing the message of the benefits of health and medical research to the Australian public.

The Society has recognised Fiona for her work as respected plastic and reconstructive surgeon and her contributions as a researcher who has expanded the knowledge of wound healing. They have also  acknowledged her contribution in the development of the innovative spray-on skin technique and her life dedication to improving burn patients' outcomes.

Throughout June, Fiona has taken part in the ASMR medalist tour across the country, where she has spoken at gala dinners sharing her personal journey, the pipeline of discovery, and the balance government needs to achieve to allow the process of ideas, innovation and implementation to flourish, improving health outcomes and economic prosperity.

As part of the tour, Fiona was officially honoured with the award at The National Press Club of Australia and had the opportunity to address the audience on the lifelong impacts of acute trauma and the need for governments to invest in medical research. You can watch Fiona's address at The National Press Club here. 

On the back of this address, Fiona released an opinion piece that has been published in the Daily Telegraph and Herald Sun newspapers. The article highlighted the need for governments to fund medical research so that all Australians can adequately benefit from the clinical and economic outcomes it provides. With a new government at the helm, it is a new opportunity to work in collaboration to improve our health systems and strive for excellence. Find below the opinion piece printed in the Daily Telegraph Thursday 9th June 2022.

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