Aussie STEM Star Series

Fiona is honoured to be part of the first Aussie STEM Star series, that celebrates experts in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Aussie STEM Stars is a fresh and unique series for children and young teens aged 10-13 years that focuses on our Australian STEM heroes. Each book is written by an award-winning children’s author and follows the real-life stories of Australia’s top scientists and inventors, chosen on the basis of their pioneering work. Themes explored in the series include childhood, school, family and formative experiences, what inspired them to pursue their chosen path, how they persevered in the face of challenges and what they have contributed to science in Australia.

Wild Dingo Press is proud of the release of the first three books in the Aussie STEM Star series featuring: - 

Fiona Wood: Inventor of Spray-on Skin by Cristy Burne 

Georgia Ward-Fear: Reptile Biologist and Explorer by Claire Saxby 

Munjed Al Muderis: From Refugee to Surgical Inventor by Dianne Wolfer. 

Cristy Burne author of Fiona Wood: Inventor of Spray-on Skin, she says “Fiona has this incredible aura of energy and determination. She’s revolutionised treatment and outcomes for burns patients around the world - and she continues to work tirelessly in this area, striving for a better future. I think everyone she meets comes away affected and uplifted by her spirit, stamina, generosity and courage. It was an extraordinary honour to work with Fiona to tell her story.”

Get your copy here, or contact your favorite bookstore or online bookstore.

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Image for Examples of deep partial thickness burns.
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