Big Ideas 2020

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANTSO) held their annual ‘Big Ideas’ competition aimed at promoting science and innovation in our schools. 

The 2020 national competition challenged students to choose an Australian scientist that inspires them and take the work of that scientist and build on it to create their Big Idea. This great initiative promotes STEM in schools and we were excited to see winners, Jamie Siggurs and Janyi Lins’ Big Idea.

The students from Mary MacKillop College chose Fiona’s Spray-on skin innovation and came up with an exciting new idea to improve the healing process and reduce scarring for a range of skin conditions.  A variety of skin conditions are treated with steroid creams which can have harmful side-effects. Their Big Idea is to develop a bandaid similar to Fiona’s spray on skin to promote the regeneration of skin cells in damaged areas, to provide treatment for a variety of skin conditions. 

We are so excited to see and engage with the next generation of scientists and innovators.

Watch their video to hear more about their innovative idea.

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