Central Park Plunge - countdown

The much-anticipated Central Park Plunge event is just around the corner and is set to take place next week - Friday, October 27th, 2023. With the event almost here, we are getting excited for a thrilling day that will truly make a difference in the lives of burns patients now and in the future.

Every year, the Central Park Plunge brings together a community of courageous individuals willing to take on a unique challenge to support a worthy cause – like ours. This year is no different, and we couldn't be more thrilled and grateful for the exceptional 43 people who have stepped out of their comfort zones to abseil 130m down the Central Park Tower!

Fiona has expressed her heartfelt thanks and gratitude on behalf of the Foundation and the burn patients toward all the incredible Plungers and their supporters. Please watch the video below.

Burns are a life-altering event. They cause immediate and long-term traumas to mind and body and are arguably the most painful, unique and complex injury a human can suffer. Our goal is to minimise scars worn for life, both in mind and body. Events such as the Central Park Plunge is not just a physical feat; it's a powerful reflection of the unwavering compassion and selflessness of others committed to making a tangible difference in the lives of burn patients. It is truly commendable that we have such incredible group who are willing to help us continue along our journey of scarless healing. 

As the excitement builds and the Central Park Plunge countdown continues, we look forward to an unforgettable day. It is not too late to support our Plungers - especially those who kindly registered late to help us fill the last spots. Your contribution, no matter the amount, will make a meaningful difference in our research and education efforts and help enrich this experience for the Plungers!





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