Children's Biobank 400 Milestone

We are thrilled to announce a significant achievement in our Children's Burn Injury Biobank: we have now engaged 400 children and their families in this pivotal study! Each sample collected—be it stool, urine, blood, or hair—plays a crucial role in deepening our understanding of the impacts of burn injuries, extending beyond the visible scars.

This study will enhance our knowledge and understanding of the physiological and psychosocial after-effects of burns that can profoundly affect a child's quality of life after experiencing both minor and major burn injuries. To mark this milestone, we celebrated in appreciation of the 400 wonderful families and our dedicated research team's efforts—with cake!

Our research associate Nikki sliced through the numbers, which highlights the significance of the contributions made by the biobank participants.

The next phase of the biobank project will be the development of a data platform where we can curate and safely story data sets from the samples collected. Together, the biobank and data platform have the potential to be transformative in translating research from bench to bedside. But to do this, we have launched our 2024 priority fundraising campaign to help reach data platform funding target of $150,000. If you are able to support this campaign with a kind donation it would truly make a difference. Thank you.  

A BIG thank you to all the 400 children and families who have taken part in the biobank study and to our incredible research team, whose efforts are indispensable in achieving our research goals.

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