Consumables Fundraising Campaign

The Foundation has recently launched a priority fundraising campaign to support the cost of consumables used in our research study investigating the impacts of chronic stress on paediatric burn patients and their parents.

Our research team is trying to understand why some children have long-term mental health problems resulting from burn injury. We know that children who have suffered a burn injury have increased admission rates to hospitals for mental health conditions later in life. It is important to ask why this is happening because, in most instances, these children had sustained a minor burn injury and had recovered well without much scarring. One possible reason might be the level of stress that occurs from their experience or the impact on the family stress levels as a result of the burn itself.

To measure chronic stress, we will analyse the cortisol levels in the hair of the patient and their parents at the time of burn injury and once they have recovered. This will allow us to explore if there is a connection to a child's psychosocial outcomes after sustaining a burn and better understand how stress affects both the patient and their parents and how it might influence the recovery after burn injury.  

Through our research efforts, we can assess what interventions we can include in rehabilitation to support paediatric burn patient's mental health and wellbeing at the time of injury and later in life.

To gather enough data, we are aiming for 700 hair samples which we will take from children and their parents. The consumable cost of each sample is $50, which includes the extraction (non-invasive) and for the research team to analyse the sample.

We are tirelessly working to reach our vision of scarless healing in mind and body. To continue on this journey, we are seeking the community's support to help us reach our goal of 700 samples by donating to this project.

Donations of all sizes will help transform the lives of our patients now and for futre generations to come - if you can help we would be humbled if you could donate to us directly here or via bank transfer (details below)

Fiona Wood Foundation 

BSB 066 000

ACC 1219 5369

REF: Your Name 

Please email for a tax receipt.

Thank you for your support. 

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