Empties Day 2023

We were excited to get involved with Empties Day 2023, a Container for Change initiative that encourages the community to return their festive empties and donate their return to a worthy cause.

On the day, we were thrilled to receive a photo and a kind message from Sarah, a burns survivor whom you might remember from our last newsletter. Sarah shared a photo of Aislin (her daughter) on the day, who saved up her containers, headed down to a Containers for Change site and donated her refund to the Foundation. Aislin wanted to help people like her mum on their burns journey, and we were so chuffed she thought of us as a worthy cause! We want to say a very special thank you to Aislin and Sarah for sharing this kind gesture with us and for your ongoing support – you are both superstars!

Every donation, large and small, makes a difference and helps us continue to fund burns research and prevention education programs. We would love your support by joining us as recycling partners – to learn more about the Container for Change program or enter our scheme ID C10402626 next time you visit a refund point. 

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