FWF Bunnings Sausage Sizzle Fundraiser

The Foundation took over the BBQ at Bunnings O'Connor for an unforgettable fundraising event. The day was filled with laughter, the alluring scent of sizzling sausages, and a heartwarming spirit of generosity. The funds generated have been used to support our amazing 'Skincredibles' team for the upcoming Central Park Plunge, with the ultimate goal of fueling our research and education initiatives.

We want to extend our heartfelt appreciation to our team members who dedicated their time and effort to make the event successful. Events such as this would not be possible without our incredible Executive Officer, Fundraising & Relationships Manager Di. Her relentless efforts in the organisation and smooth operation from setup to set down made it a fantastic event. Thank you so much, team!

Our morning crew, Mark and Blair, not only excelled in their research roles but also showcased their BBQ skills with dedication.

During the lunchtime rush, the dynamic trio of Anne-Maree, Dee, and Deshe worked tirelessly to keep the sausages sizzling!

For the afternoon shift, Heather and Linley joined us! One special shoutout goes to Heather (in the blue jumper), who, hailing from Italy, made her very first visit to Bunnings and experienced the true essence of an Aussie tradition – a core memory created, indeed!

We even had the opportunity to introduce visitors to the inspiring world of the Ben and Bella Superhero storybook series and Fiona’s biography Under Her Skin.

We also want to thank the community for their overwhelming support, with patrons coming out in full force to enjoy a sausage or two and make a difference.

If you couldn't make it to the Bunnings Sausage Sizzle fundraiser but still want to support some of our incredible PLUNGERS, we invite you to visit their fundraising page by clicking on the link: 

Elle Phillips: https://fiona-wood-foundation.grassrootz.com/central-park-plunge-2023-fiona-wood-foundation/elle-phillips

Owen Walsh: https://fiona-wood-foundation.grassrootz.com/central-park-plunge-2023-fiona-wood-foundation/owen-walsh

Kate Mitchell: https://fiona-wood-foundation.grassrootz.com/central-park-plunge-2023-fiona-wood-foundation/kate-mitchell


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