HBF Run for a Reason - Participant Highlight

As the HBF Run for a Reason approaches, we are reminded of the power of our incredible community and the impact of our collective efforts to make a difference in the lives of burn patients. This year, we are inspired by members of our burns families whose journey and participation in the event highlights the resilience and tenacity of all who face recovery from burns.

In May 2022, Adele experienced a life-changing event when she sustained burns to 33% of her body in an accident involving an ethanol heater at her home. This harrowing experience began her burn journey and her connection with FWF. We recently shared Adele's story in our Impact Newsletter, which you can read here.

 Adele is stepping into the HBF Run for a Reason this year to commemorate her second 'burn- anniversary,' surrounded by her supportive friends and family. We reached out to understand what inspired her to take part this year in support of FWF:  

“My motivation is to give something back! I just want to help others who may be in my situation. 

 The care and support I have received, both while an inpatient and outpatient, are second to none! I cannot fault the care I have been given. The ongoing surgeries to help with movement and the look of my scars have been unbelievable, and I am so grateful for everything, and everyone involved in my recovery. 

 Last year, on the anniversary of my injury, I had a photoshoot to help me come to terms with the new way I look, and this year, I want to do it because there were days in the beginning that I wasn't sure I'd ever have the energy to do it. I want to train for the 12k for my 3rd anniversary, LOL! But let's see how the 4K goes first!”

 Adele's choice to join the HBF Run for a Reason, influenced by her recovery and the support she's received, mirrors the posttraumatic growth found in many burn survivors. It also highlights their commitment to helping others avoid similar hardships by supporting the foundation to continue our research and education efforts. 

 We encourage our community to get involved, support, and honour the determination of our burn survivors, who are committed to improving the future for everyone. For more information on how to register – click here or donate to support Adele here.

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