Helping You and Your Child Animations

The Department of Communities in Western Australia has recently highlighted the "Helping You and Your Child" animation series as a significant tool for supporting children and families dealing with burn injuries. This recognition underscores the series' importance and effectiveness in aiding burn recovery and emotional support within the community.

Developed through the collaborative efforts of the Fiona Wood Foundation, RAINE Medical Research Foundation, and the Stan Perron Centre of Excellence in Childhood Burns, the series comprises four short, animated videos. These animations are designed to facilitate communication between parents, caregivers, and children about the complexities of burn injuries and the emotional challenges that follow.

The inclusion of these resources on a government platform highlights the importance of burn prevention and recovery within the Western Australian community.  We are proud to have them  featured on the Department of Communities website as it is a significant step toward expanding the resource reach and promoting a holistic approach to burn care and recovery.

The helping you and your child animations can also be accessed here. 

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