National Burns Awareness Month 2024

June is National Burns Awareness Month, a critical time to raise awareness about burn injury prevention and correct first aid treatments. During the cooler months, the use of heating sources and the consumption of hot foods and beverages increases, raising the risk of burns.

Most burn injuries are unintentional yet preventable. Understanding the common causes is crucial for protecting our youngest and most vulnerable. This year, our focus has been on how to stay warm safely at home in line with the national campaign to raise awareness about the risks of burn injuries related to the use of home fire pits. As sales and usage of fire pits have risen, so too have associated burn injuries. If you have a fire pit in your home, please always supervise children when they are in use and remember that hot coals and ashes left from the previous day/night can retain heat, causing severe burns. If a burn injury does occur remember the 20-to-cool burn first aid rule.

Our NBAM Our Story Feature 

On a cold winter night, just shy of 10 months old, Paige fell out of her cot, and her outstretched hand was caught between the columns of the oil heater. She sustained burns covering 2.5% of her total body area, including her chin, neck, torso, and right arm (partial thickness), with the most severe (full thickness) burns on both the front and back of her right hand. Now nearly four years old, and despite the severe nature of her burns and the contractures from her injuries, Paige has made remarkable progress, which you can read more about on the Our Stories section on the website.

Understanding the ripple effects of a burn injury both as a paediatric nurse and as a parent, Jaymii is passionate about raising awareness and promoting burn prevention. In support of National Burns Awareness Month, Jaymii created a burn education and prevention board at Rockingham General Hospital’s Paediatric Ward. This initiative aims to empower families with the knowledge and strategies to prevent burn injuries. We are proud to have supported this effort by donating Ben and Bella storybooks to gift to the children and their families. Incredibly, Jaymii is also committed to sharing her burns awareness message to new heights by participating in the Central Park Plunge!

Our patients and their families are at the heart of everything we do at the foundation, and we cannot thank you enough, Jaymii, for your support in raising awareness and vital funds to support our research and education efforts. Please visit the link here to support Jaymii's fundraising efforts for the PLUNGE.

Please help us spread burn safety and first aid messages during NBAM by sharing our social media posts, visiting the NBAM website page in the education hub, and educating your friends and family to prevent lifelong scars. We have provided various free resources, including social media templates and essential first aid information on our website, to help households reduce burn risks and maintain safer environments.

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