Priority Fundraising Campaign

Thanks to the kind donations from our incredible community, we have made great inroads in our research and developed innovative treatments for burn patients now and into the future. 

We are passionate about education and championing our brightest minds in Australia to ensure that medical innovation and groundbreaking research continue to thrive in this country. To do this, we are reaching out to our valued community to ask if they may consider supporting our current fundraising efforts to help us support our dedicated PhD students.

Although students often come with scholarships, the Foundation must be able to commit to co-funding support for three years to complete their research projects (min $15,000 pa). We must also cover consumables expenses for their experiments from patient samples, equipment, storage and analysis. As our research focuses on the whole patient journey from basic science, acute hospital, rehabilitation and quality of life in both mind and body, these additional costs can hinder our ability to bring in early-career researchers who would greatly benefit from being under the guidance of our senior research teams.

Unconditional gifts from individuals, bequests and the community allow us to continue our journey towards scarless healing. Individual donations, together with others, will not only support our mission but invests in the next generation of medical innovators who can make tomorrow better for all burn patients. 

We hope you can help us again this year.

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