Scar Cream Trial

The Foundation and University of Western Australia is looking for people in the Perth metro area who have a visible scar (it does not have to be a burn scar) to participate in a trial to reduce scarring.

To be eligible you must have a visible scar that is at least 1 year old and aged between 18-and 60.

If you are interested, please contact the research team:

Phone 0480 370 824 or via email  

The research team undertaking the Solaria Lox Scar Cream trial have had their scientific journal titled Topical application of an irreversible small molecule inhibitor of lysyl oxidases ameliorates skin scarring and fibrosis published by Nature Communications.

This review, undertaken before the trial, has indicated that the Solaria cream is a promising treatment for improving scar appearance and stiffness.

View the publication by clicking here.

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