September Partner Highlight

The Fiona Wood Foundation is proud to partner with Chevron Australia who are supporting a terrific burn prevention and education program that will benefit all West Australians.

Chevron Australia’s support will enable the extension of the existing Ben and Bella Program, targeting children in the early years (Kindergarten – Year 2). By linking to the West Australian Curriculum, and creating a culturally responsive version of the story, the Ben and Bella resources that will be developed will teach key messages to this vulnerable age group, in a fun and engaging way.

Professor Fiona Wood said, “We value our ongoing partnership with Chevron Australia, and I am thrilled they are supporting the Ben and Bella program. It is such a fantastic resource, and now with Chevron Australia’s support we can embed burns education and prevention in our school curriculum and ensure all children learn burns first aid.”

Targeting this age group has the added benefit of educating other members of the family because the books will be read to them by parents, siblings, and grandparents, as well as community leaders such as teachers.  In this way the burn risk and burn first aid messages reach a wider audience than the target group.

We hope the new Ben and Bella resources finds its way to your school next year.

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