Telethon 7 Supports Innovative Study on Mental Health Impacts of Childhood Burns

Our second research initiative supported by Telethon 7 2023 will be funding a pioneering study focused on the mental health impacts of childhood burns. The study is titled "Understanding the Physiological Impact of Childhood Burn Trauma on the Brain”, or as we fondly call it, the Einstein study!

In a global first, this study will utilise MRI technology to compare the brain scans of burn-injured children with uninjured cohorts. It is spearheaded by our Senior Research Team and Dr Amira Allahham, alongside Prof Helen Milroy and Dr Pradeep Rao, leading experts in childhood and adolescent psychiatry, with support from the WA National Imaging Facility.

MRI is non-invasive and offers a unique glimpse into the potential brain changes caused by burn trauma, which may influence long-term mental health. The knowledge gained could lead to individual interventions and strategies to tackle mental health challenges faced by young burn survivors.

We are profoundly thankful to the Western Australian community, whose generous support through Telethon 7 is crucial for advancing medical research and innovation and pivotal in helping us on our journey toward scarless healing in mind and body. We will continue to make updates as the study progresses.

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