The Einstein Study

We are on the lookout for some incredible kids to take part in a research project titled Understanding the Impact of Burn Trauma on the Central Nervous System in Children; A Pilot Study (EINSTEIN). 

This research project aims to understand the long-term effects that burn injuries may have on the brain. We will compare brain scans from burn patients and other children and adolescents who have not had a burn that needed medical treatment.

If you are aged 6-18 years and your burn was more than 5+ months ago we can offer you a one-off opportunity for an MRI of your brain, and you can even bring a friend to help us as well. This study is completed in a single visit.

Contact: Amira by phone 0479 127 173 or email   

Hear from Fiona below about the EINSTEIN study and what your participation in this research involves 

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