The FWF Receives Donation from WA Growers

The Fiona Wood Foundation is thrilled to announce that we received a generous $25,000 donation from Western Australian grain growers. This contribution, facilitated by the 2023/24 Harvest Mass Management Scheme (HMMS) and its collaboration with CBH Group and Main Roads WA, highlights the strong connection between our agricultural community and initiatives aimed at protecting communities from burns and improving care for burn survivors in rural and regional areas.

This year, the HMMS initiative has amassed a remarkable $340,000, supporting nine dedicated charities across Western Australia. What sets this program apart is the unique participation of CBH Group's growers and employees, who have the privilege of nominating up to three charities for funding consideration. We are extremely thankful and feel honoured to be among this year's beneficiaries.

The allocated funds will be used to support vital educational and community outreach initiatives in WA. These efforts are designed to equip rural clinicians and health practitioners with the essential skills to treat both paediatric and adult burn injuries effectively. Furthermore, the programs will boost education on prevention, raising awareness of the causes of burns, preventive measures, and crucial first aid techniques.

We are truly thankful to our community of WA growers for their generous donation and to the nominators who selected us. We will continue to share updates on the Burn Management Program, and its impact on empowering and enhancing the capabilities of rural clinicians and health professionals, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

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