Unauthorised Social Media Advertisements

The Fiona Wood Foundation wishes to inform our community of ongoing unauthorised and deceptive advertisements presented as sponsored content across various social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. These advertisements wrongly utilise images and fabricated quotations attributed to Professor Fiona Wood, suggesting her support for products and services with which she or the Foundation has no affiliation.

The deceptive advertisements are being shared as sponsored posts, making them visible in users' feeds rather than through direct searches. This targeted approach allows these ads to appear intermittently, evading easy detection and complicating efforts to track them.

In response to these misleading advertisements, the Foundation is actively engaging with social media platforms to report and remove these unauthorised ads. We are reaching out to our community and the wider public  and ask you to report any false and misleading sponsored ads that you come across in your social media feeds.

We cannot overstate the value of the support and vigilance from our community in addressing these matters. If you, or anyone you know, come across such misleading advertisements in the future, please report them directly through the social media platform. Additionally, taking a screenshot of the ad and emailing it to diane@fionawoodfoundation.org.au  would greatly assist us in our efforts to report these issues to regulatory bodies with more precision.

The Foundation values the trust of our community. The misuse of Fiona’s image and the misrepresentation of the Foundation's principles through these fraudulent advertisements are illegal and deceptive to the public. This misconduct not only distracts from our vital work in burn care and research but also undermines the integrity of our efforts and the trust we have fostered within our community.

We express our heartfelt thanks to our supporters and the community for their vigilance and proactive stance on this issue. Your commitment to reporting these advertisements and raising awareness is crucial and greatly appreciated.

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