WA Holiday Tips

Things to remember these school holidays:

Whether you’re heading up North or down South, we’ve got some tips on how to stay safe these school holidays. 

Campfire restrictions

Campfire restrictions vary according to the campsite. If you’re planning a camping trip, check the current campfire restrictions on Parks and Wildlife Service to see if and when campfires are permitted. If campfires are permitted check out our tips for a safe campfire below. 

Sun Safety

In WA this year, the number of children going to hospital for a sunburn has reached a six year high, with the number of cases doubling since 2014. If you’re heading up North, make sure you stay protected from the sun. The UV index can remain high in cooler weather, especially up North. Take precautions to stay protected from the sun and prevent a burn. 

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Image for Examples of deep partial thickness burns.
Image for Examples of deep partial thickness burns.
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