Impact study

Impact study

Alongside the Children's Burn Injury Biobank, which collects biological samples to look for signs of stress, is the Impact Study. Like the Biobank, this study also explores stress, in this case as reported by the parent and their child throughout their recovery. Our work has shown that mental wellbeing is impacted by burn injury, even if the injury is small; does not require surgery; and leaves minimal scarring.

The psychosocial impact of a burn can be assessed through various patient or parent reported outcome measures that assess general quality of life, burn specific quality of life, posttraumatic stress responses and the psychosocial impact of the scar. The Impact study collects the answers to these questions from teh time of admission throughout the first 12 months of recovery. 

Looking at quality fo life after childhood burn. Do parents and children agree?

General quality of life can be measured via PedsQL. For children over 8 years old this one page questionnaire is completed by the child themselves, and simultaneously for the parent about the child. It often seems in practice that the parent and child answers do not align with each other. PhD student, Amira, is testing this hypothesis to see if what we think is actually what is happening, and to assess the similarities and the differences between their reports.

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