An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Benjamin Franklin

Prevention is the best approach to reducing the risk of burns. At the Foundation we are committed to raising awareness of burn risks. 

The Foundation believes that education is at the heart of burn prevention and should be targeted to different demographics that represent different risks. The Foundation is committed to: 

  • educating the community about burn prevention
  • educating the community about the benefits of correct burns first aid
  • improving pre-hospital care
  • collaborating with organisations to disseminate/translate our research into community education programs.
  • Dr Lisa Martin

    Dr Lisa Martin is a Senior Researcher at the Foundation. She has worked in burns research since 2009, following a career in critical care and emergency nursing, cardiology research and clinical trials.

    She has a Master of Public Health and is involved in burn prevention and product safety across Australia and New Zealand. Her PhD explored psychological recovery after burn, and she recently secured support from the Raine Foundation to continue this work. She is currently working with patients to create new and innovative resources for patients to help them manage the challenges of their burn injury. Her primary role with the Fiona Wood Foundation is to lead burn research in the Stan Perron Centre of Excellence for Childhood Burns at Perth Children’s Hospital.

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  • Education projects for those directly affected by the challenges of childhood burn

    • More than skin deep online education
    • Factsheets for parents
    •  Animations for parents

    Community education and prevention

    •  Ben and Bella expansion project

    Prevention projects and groups

    • Violence against women international project
    • National Burn Prevention Month
    •  ANZBA prevention committee – bi-national initiatives for burn prevention
    •  WA consumer product advocacy network committee
    • Injury Prevention Network Group  (Injury Matters)
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