Changing lives

We are at the forefront of global research and discovery in the area of burns. By continually growing the body of knowledge in the field, our work will save lives and make a significant difference to the recovery of people who have sustained burn injuries both locally and around the world.

Professor Fiona Wood

Our logo is representative of the ‘ripple effect’ a burn has on a patient and the wider community. For the Foundation, the intertwined lines symbolise our vision of working together to make a difference through improving the outcomes and quality of life for those affected by burn injury. 

We exist for both current and future patients. We recognise that every intervention from the point of injury, influences the scars in both mind and body.

Lead by plastic and reconstructive surgeon and burns specialist Professor Fiona Wood, our not-for-profit Foundation facilitates the translation of knowledge from ground-breaking scientific and clinical research into pioneering new treatments for healing burns and minimising scarring.

Our impact is our research which spans the patient journey. From basic science, acute hospital, rehabilitation and return to quality of life our projects and our teams are intertwined, working together to make a difference.

We are bringing science to the bedside.

With the support of our partners and very generous community, we bring together the best scientists, researchers and clinicians to meet our objectives to:

  • improve understanding of burn injury and the interactions with the skin and all body systems
  • develop new technologies and treatment to improve clinical care
  • improve mental health outcomes
  • educate the community.

We greatly value the support from our partners. Together we can do the work we need to do.


We invite you to contact us to discuss how you can partner with the Foundation to improve the quality of life for burn injury patients and support ground-breaking scientific and clinical research. 

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