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Our impact

By continually growing the body of knowledge in burns management and recovery, our work will save lives and make a significant difference to the recovery of people who have sustained burn injuries locally and around the world.

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Our challenge

Every intervention after burn injury affects the scar worn for life

Professor Fiona Wood AM

Burns are a life altering event. They cause immediate and long-term traumas to mind and body and are arguably the most painful, unique and complex injury a human can suffer.

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The burns journey

The quality of the outcome must be worth the pain of survival

Professor Fiona Wood AM

Our skin is the body’s largest organ and is critical to survival. When you experience a burn caused by extreme heat or cold, contact with electricity, chemicals, friction or radiation, the skin is injured.

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Our research

The Foundation believes there is always more that can be done to further the field of burns medicine – new research to be undertaken, new technologies to be discovered, and new ways to treat burns survivors. We are on an ongoing quest to continue to make a difference to people’s lives.

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Our stories

Our vision at the Foundation is to deliver scarless healing, in both mind and body, to those who suffer from burn injury.

We understand that lives will change following a burn injury, however with the money we receive from our funders and the generous donations from the community, we are using research to guide the treatment we give at the bedside.

Hear from our inspirational patients as their share their stories. 

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