Meet Paige - An unstoppable force!

Today, we proudly turn the spotlight on Paige, a shining star of the Central Park Plunge 2023! Her remarkable fundraising efforts reached an astonishing $10,000+, securing her place as the top fundraiser among all charities participating in this memorable event.

Paige's journey began with a heartfelt mission to raise awareness about the devastating consequences of burn injuries. Her inspiration came from a deeply personal source – her daughter Dusty, who had suffered a contact burn in a fire pit accident. Witnessing Dusty's extraordinary strength and resilience throughout her burn recovery was a source of motivation for Paige. She wanted to embrace her fears of heights to instil in her children the belief that they can conquer any obstacle and triumph over their deepest fears.

For those who attended the Plunge, you might have witnessed a heartwarming sight of Dusty eagerly watching her mom's thrilling descent while twirling around the park to the music– it was her party, and we were all invited!

Paige's remarkable fundraising journey was not just about the generous donations she received but also the touching messages of encouragement and support from a community that resonated with her cause. It was a demonstration of the profound impact of community spirit.

Paige's relentless commitment to raising awareness and supporting burn research will undoubtedly bring about transformative change. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Paige for her outstanding efforts and commendable spirit. Thank you for being an exceptional force for change, propelling burn awareness to new heights and securing a brighter future for burn patients around the world.




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